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Constructive Units:
Korean Modern and Contemporary Art

Date: 29/10/2014 - 18/12/2014
Venue: James Christie Room (22nd Floor, Alexandra House, 18 Charter Road, Central, Hong Kong)

Participating artists:
Chung Doo-Hwa
Choi So-Young
Rhee Seundja
Hong Kyung-Tack
Kim Dong-Yoo

This October, Christie's will present a new private sale exhibition of Korean art in Hong Kong. Featuring a selection of over 30 exceptional works from predominantly five artists, the exhibition unveils the range of expression and innovation happening in Korea today.

A wide variations of artistic practices have been carefully curated into this exhibition that showcases examples from Chung Doo-Hwa, whose works will be on view in Hong Kong for the very first time. The show also includes the latest works by established Korean artists such as Choi So-Young, Hong Kyung-Tack and Kim Dong-Yoo as well as works by modern master Rhee Seundja, who already have a strong presence in Korea and global art scene. Ranging in different media and styles, this exhibition aims to introduce works to a wider audience in the greater Asia region in the James Christie Room in Hong Kong.

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